2013 Recap

A big thank you to everyone who helped us successfully produce SXSW V2Venture 2013. SXSW would also like to congratulate all of the great startups that were involved in this year's event. These companies were the best of the best of 2013, as judged by the panel of experts.

The winning companies received two (2) badges for the 2014 SXSW V2V event, and most importantly, the opportunity to receive exposure to the SXSW audience looking out for the latest in cutting-edge technology. Photo and interview opportunities with the attending technology and venture press were abundant, placing these exciting startups in the spotlight as leaders in the future of technology.

Video highlights from SXSW V2Venture 2013.

V2Venture Criteria for Participating Companies

The key criteria when judging 2013 SXSW V2Venture applicants were:

  • Creativity: Originality and uniqueness of Idea.
  • Potential: Longevity, actualization and profitability of idea.
  • Goodness: How this product impacts / improves the world.
  • Functionality: Usability of interface for idea.
  • Team / People: Who is your team and how will they make your company a success.

2013 SXSW V2Venture winners were....

Mobile and Tablet Technologies
Tipbit, Bellevue, WA

Innovative World Technologies
Glowing Plant, San Francisco, CA

Education Technologies
LightSail, New York, NY

Health Technologies
Soundfest, Needham, MA

Culture and Entertainment Technologies
Zazoo, Netanya, Israel

Best Bootstrap Award
(The company who has done the most with the least amount of resources)
Helios Bars, Yuba City, CA

One Minute Speed Pitch Award
Handii, Las Vegas, NV

SXSW V2Venture 2013 Finalists

For the inaugural event more than 200 hundred companies submitted their products and services to SXSW V2Venture in 2013. The competition was fierce and we're extremely grateful for the excellent submissions we received. Congratulations to the selected finalists who showcased their products.

Education Technologies

CampusWall, Redmond, WA
CampusWall provides a campus-specific virtual bulletin board where students and staff at higher education institutions can buy, sell, swap and share goods and services. Our online community marketplace promotes safety, savings and sustainability.

LightSail, New York, NY
LightSail's educational experts, seasoned technologists, and successful software entrepreneurs work to develop and refine Common Core State Standard-aligned products that address critical educational challenges with measurably effective strategies.

LightUp, Elk Grove, CA
LightUp is democratizing hands-on learning by combining electronic building blocks with an interactive app that uses augmented reality to help kids learn about engineering and programming. Our mission is to bring electronics literacy to the world.

ProSky.co, Dublin, CA
ProSky matches interns with companies to work on a specific project with the convenience of working from wherever they are, at the flexibility of their time. Interns collaborate with students from top universities and are mentored by industry experts.

TheHubEdu, Redmond, WA
TheHubEdu is a space that allows instructors and students in higher education to organize and share course and discipline specific content both within and beyond classroom and institutional walls.

Education Technologies Alternates

Parent University, Redwood City, CA
Parent University is a powerful e-learning platform helping clients empower their parents & caregivers to be their child's best teacher. By connecting clients' content & data to our API we build turnkey, MOOC-style solutions for parenting and ECE.

Student Success Academy, Fairview, TX
Student Success Academy (SSA) is a blended high school counseling platform that connects high school students one-on-one to top tier university students for guidance in Amazon Best Selling curriculum over college/career readiness.

Health Technologies

Benefitter, San Francisco, CA
Benefitter helps employers confidently navigate the evolving healthcare reform legislation, stay in compliance, save money, and improve their employees’ well-being.

CaptureProof, San Francisco, CA
CaptureProof saves the healthcare industry millions of dollars by allowing patients to securely capture proof of the progression of their recovery through a series of videos and/or photos and collaborate with their doctors virtually.

Medicast, Alpharetta, GA
Medicast is a technology service that connects patients with doctors 24 hours a day, to deliver high quality, compassionate care in the comfort of the patient’s own home, office, or hotel—all with the click of a button on the web or our mobile app.

Social Code, Sunnyvale, CA
Online communities for patient engagement and behavior change using social technology, remote monitoring, mobile-intervention, behavior tracking & data analytics. For the patient it’s like having your support crew, coach & care team in your pocket.

Soundfest, Needham, MA
SoundFest develops and sells RealClarity, a patent-pending system, consisting of an app and an elegant wireless earpiece to offer a powerful, low-cost solution for hearing assistance

Health Technologies Alternates

CareSolver, Boston, MA
CareSolver is a complete care management tool to educate, engage & reduce burden for family caregivers of seniors through customized, action oriented care plans covering both the clinical and non-clinical aspects of caring for a senior

Zigron Healthcare, Alexandria, VA
Zigron Healthcare combined informatics, forensics, and clinical experience with years of IT and data visualization experience to create FraudCop, an “easy to use” healthcare fraud detection solution for the 21st century.

Mobile and Tablet Technologies

Earshot, Chicago, IL
Earshot helps businesses prioritize and engage active social media users currently at or nearby their location(s) by converting location-verified Tweets, Foursquare check-ins, etc. into private conversations between the brand and the customer

EmptyLegMarket, Hermosa Beach, CA
One third of all private jets fly empty. EmptyLegMarket provides an innovative search tool to find and book these “empty-legs” which can cost as little as $500 to charter an entire private jet! The goal of EmptyLegMarket is to have no jets fly empty again.

Labels That Talk, Kailua, HI
Soundpaper is the next generation barcode - surpassing QR codes by adding sound to books, pictures or anything else. Soundpaper encodes audio, and much more, directly in the barcode, so response is instantaneous and no network connection is required.

StickNFind, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
StickNFind is a product development company specializing in RF and Bluetooth designs. StickNFind's first product lineup includes; StickNFind, BluTracker and MeterPlug.

Tipbit, Bellevue, WA
Tipbit is the smart inbox for people on the go. Tipbit connects mobile email and calendars to related people and relevant files, turning contacts back into people and email into actions. Tipbit: Know What Matters.

Mobile and Tablet Technologies Alternates

Gamblino, New York, NY
Gamblino is a social sport gaming platform enabling mobile sports wagering. Players compete against friends in private groups, in local contests at bars to win prizes from the venue, and in national contests with prizes sponsored by major brands.

pplconnect, Montreal, Canada
pplconnect’s Virtual Smartphone is the only device and OS agnostic solution that lets users access and use their smartphone from any web-connected device. Call from a tablet, receive a text on a computer, and modify a contact on a friend’s phone.

Culture and Entertainment Technologies

First Cut Pro, Austin, TX
First Cut Pro is a professional collaboration tool for video professionals to streamline the post-production process. It optimizes the collection of time-stamped feedback, organization of tasks and integrates into most post-production environments.

Interconnect Media Network Systems, Selma, VA
A Virginia-based Interconnect Media Network Systems (IMN), LLC, has developed SimulTV, the first and only ‘Social TV Everywhere’ system that integrates content and social sharing on the same screen.

Playground, San Francisco, CA
Playground is a music startup founded by Stanford engineers that is changing the way we interact with music. Its first product is an iPhone app that allows music fans to mix their favorite songs like a professional DJ in a dead-simple experience.

Trackster, Ontario, Canada
Trackster™ gives the global community of music creators the tools, expertise and inspiration to make their music better. Trackster's initial offering - TracksterTONE - provides guitarists recording anywhere with access to premium amplifiers, sound equipment and expertise located in hundreds of professional recording studios.

Zazoo, Netanya, Israel
Zazoo transforms every music video into a LIVE immersive experience by embedding a unique mini-app onto the video where artist context and fans personal music moments are an integral part of the experience – With Zazoo music lovers never miss a beat!

Culture and Entertainment Technologies Alternates

Fork, Seattle, WA
Fork is a mobile app for telling personal food stories. It is transforming the way consumers make food-related decisions and helping food product, food service and other food-related companies connect with at-home food consumers

Speakerfy, Provo, UT
Speakerfy lets you play the same song at the same time across all your devices! Built using Intel®’s CCF advanced proximity technology, Speakerfy turns every music listening experience into Social Sound. Try it today on iOS, Android and Windows PC!

Innovative World Technologies

3DLT.com, Cincinnati, OH
3DLT is a 3D Printing template marketplace. We partner with independent designers who create the 3D printable files we offer on our website. Consumers like you can purchase these files, download them, and print them on 3D printers.

Citizinvestor, Tampa, FL
Citizinvestor is a crowd funding and civic engagement platform for local government projects. We empower citizens to invest in their community by providing a platform to fund public projects and a process to reimagine the world around them.

CL3VER, Palto Alto, CA
CL3VER offers an editing & publishing tool that lets 3d professionals share interactive scenes on any online device. CL3VER makes content instantly available without requiring any plugins, allowing faster time to market at a lower production cost.

Glowing Plant, San Francisco, CA
Glowing Plant is genetically engineering plants so that they emit light with the intention to one day replace street lighting. We were the first crowd funding campaign for synthetic biology where we raised $484k.

Helios Bars, Yuba City, CA
Helios Bars are the world's first integrated headlight & blinker system for bikes. Features include smartphone connectivity (BLE), visual speedometer, GPS tracking, turn-by-turn navigation, & more. Transform any bike into a smart bike with Helios.

Innovative World Technologies Alternate

Flowbit, Berkeley, CA
Flowbit builds a low-cost hardware and software solution that allows water providers in developing countries to remotely monitor and control their water systems. We turn rural water delivery from reactive maintenance to preventative management.

Hanni, Las Vegas, NV
Handii is your handyman on demand, like Uber for property repair. Just tap the Handii Button - a carefully selected, community approved Handii professional will arrive at your door within minutes, then charge $1.00/minute.